Creator of this website and author of its writings is Dick Purcell.

He has not received training for or credential from any of the four organizations that the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard credits for good work informing the Institute’s development of its Proposed Best Practices:

  • Not the certification of AIF awarded by fi360
  • Not the certification of CPA/PFS awarded by the PFP Division of the AICPA
  • Not the certification of CFP awarded by the CFP Board
  • Not the certification of CFA awarded by the CFA Institute

Under sponsorship of the AICPA, he developed and over a decade conducted 100 courses on graphic financial planning in 43 states for groups of CPAs and financial executives.

He is author of Understanding Company Finances, originally published by Houghton Mifflin, now available as a self-published ebook.

Full disclosure: He is designer of and holds a financial interest in a software product for investment advisors’ guidance of individual investors named Portfolio Pathfinder.

He is currently authoring a book citing words of professors to reveal how university investment education has corrupted fiduciary investor guidance.

He holds a BS from MIT and an MBA from Harvard.

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